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Is there any time limit for bringing a claim?

Yes. There are varying time limits for different types of cases which are strictly enforced. A word of caution. You should seek legal advice as soon as you believe that you may have a claim. Don't delay. Better to be safe than sorry!

Is it expensive to pursue a debt claim?

It depends on the sum claimed, complexity of the case and status of the Court used, i.e. District, Circuit or High Court.

What constitutes a nuisance?

Any act which tends to interfere with your comfort, e.g. noise or smoke

If my neighbour encroaches upon my land, is there anything I can do?

Yes, but this is a complex area of law, and advice should be obtained as soon as possible.

Does my employer have to give me maternity pay?

Possibly. It depends on the circumstances and terms of your employment.

If I'm refused a job due to my religion, can I claim?

Again, possibly. It depends on all the circumstances of the case.

What is litigation?

Litigation is the process in which disputes are dealt with by the Courts.

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation means litigation between individuals or companies and means litigation without a criminal aspect. All civil litigation is conducted in the civil courts. In Ireland these Courts are The District Court, The Circuit Court, The High Court and The Commercial Court.

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