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The Stages and Process of Debt Collection in Ireland is as follows

- Letter of Demand

The first step in a debt recovery action is to issue a formal legal letter of demand to the debtor demanding payment within seven days. The letter will inform the debtor that Court proceedings will be instituted if payment is not received within seven days.

- Issue Legal Proceedings

If payment is not received, proceedings are issued in one of three jurisdictions, which are limited in monetary terms as follows:

  1. The District Court for debts up to €6,348
  2. The Circuit Court for debts between €6,438 and €38,000
  3. The High Court for debts over €38,000

Obtaining Judgment

Judgment can be obtained either on an uncontested basis or a contested basis, depending on which jurisdiction proceedings have been issued.

Enforcement of Judgment

The Judgment can be enforced in the following ways:

Publication of the Judgment
Lodgement of the Judgment with the Sheriff
Register the Judgment as a Judgment mortgage
Application for an Installment Order against the Debtor
Application for a Committal Order
Issuing a Notice (Section 214A) to wind up company 
Bankruptcy proceedings
Application for a Garnishee Order

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