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Latest news and blog » Local Property Tax - Revenue Guidelines 2016-03-08

The main changes are as follows:-

  • There is a new general clearance condition - where a property is sold for €300,000 or less, general clearance applies, regardless of what chargeable value was declared for the property.
  • The allowable valuation margins by which the sale price/value exceeds the valuation band/chargeable value declared have been increased:

           - in relation to properties outside Dublin city and county, from 15% to 25%

           - in relation to properties in Dublin city and county, from 25% to 50%

  • The above increased allowable margins are carried through to the general clearance condition relating to expenditure on enhancements to a property.
  • In the general clearance condition relation to sales of comparable properties, the time period prior to 1 May 2013 within which there must be evidence of a sale of comparable property has been increased from 6 months to 9 months.
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